“My mission is to grow a company that delivers what other contractors don’t – an amazing, memorable experience for every customer, every time.”

Kevin Staigh, Owner of Halo Power Solutions

Your trusted Residential Electricians proudly servicing Sherwood Park,

Fort Saskatchewan and Edmonton.

Bringing Value. Building Trust.

Our Vision:

Bringing Value, Building Trust.

Our Mission:

Delivering an amazing, memorable experience to every customer, every time.

Our Core Values:






Ongoing growth and development




Our Why:

As one of Sherwood Park and the Greater Edmonton Area’s top-ranking electrical contractors, Halo Power Solutions is committed to delivering an amazing, memorable experience to every customer, every time.  We are focused on turning new customers into loyal customers by creating a customer experience which will exceed their expectations and surprise them with our extra care and attention.  While others promote their pricing and workmanship, we at Halo Power Solutions believe that our customers should naturally expect competitive pricing, high quality workmanship and a safety-based culture from us because after all, isn’t that what every electrical contractor should be delivering?  We realize that customers today have more options when choosing an electrical contractor, and more power than ever to influence businesses through social media and online reviews.  Our customers are self-empowered, educating themselves thoroughly before choosing our services, engaging our brand via whichever channel they deem fit and most of all expecting an outstanding experience.  With this we strive to ensure that every interaction with our customer is positive, memorable and meaningful.

A message from Kevin Staigh:

Hi there, thank you so much for choosing Halo Power Solutions. I’m Kevin Staigh, a master electrician and the proud owner of Halo Power Solutions, your best choice for residential and commercial electrical services in Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan and Edmonton.

We’re proud to offer the very best in residential electrical services. We take immense pride in the quality work our electricians and management staff have to offer to our clients and our customer feedback and Google reviews say it all. Our number one focus is delivering you the very best in electrical services and the most memorable customer experience. We want you to be so thrilled with our electrical services that you recommend our us to your friends, family and colleagues.

We are so proud to be the go-to residential electrical contractor in Sherwood Park, Strathcona County, Fort Saskatchwan and the Edmonton area. And you know, we’re doing things different here. Our whole focus is creating a amazing customer experience for you. Quality electrical work, well that’s something you should expect from any certified electrical contractor. But what about the experience you get when Halo Power comes into your home?

Our Sherwood Park and Edmonton customers love our friendly and courteous electricians and they appreciate the care and attention our electricians take performing their work and cleaning up after the job is complete.  We know that our clients will remember and review our company based on their level of satisfaction and customer experience

What is it that sets us apart from the competition? I mean, there’s dozens of electrical contractors in Sherwood Park, hundreds of them throughout the Edmonton area. Why would you want to choose Halo Power Solutions? Well, let me tell you why. First of all, I believe that even though we’re in the electrical contracting business, our main focus is an amazing memorable customer experience. The electrical work, well quality electrical work is what you should expect. That’s what you should be getting from any electrician that’s coming into your home to complete a projet. But what are you really going to remember us for? If we come into your home and make a mess, you will remember us for that. If we scratch your new hardwood floors, you will definitely remember us for that. And if we teach your kids how to swear, not only will you remember us, you’re never going to have us back in there again. These are the stories I hear so often from new clients about the experience they’ve had with other contractors. So I guarantee you you’re going to find that Halo Power is a company that does things differently. Thhis is the reason we are your best choice when you are in need an electrician in Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan and Edmonton.

Halo Power Solutions is located right here in Sherwood Park, and that’s where I live. My kids go to school here and we love calling Sherwood Park home. The local customer base that we have built in Sherwood Park is amazing, we absolutely love the support from the local community.  We are so thankful for our clients that have chose to shop local and support local small business. It’s so important and I thank you for that. We do work in the Edmonton area, Fort Saskatchewan and those surrounding areas as well and have a fantastic customer base there as well. Always happy travel outside of Sherwood Park to go look after the great customers that surround us.

We’ve built a solid reputation of taking on those tough residential renovation jobs that the other guys run away from. We really specialize in the renovation work, the service upgrades, panel upgrades, the tenant improvements on the residential spaces.

When we come out to see you for your free estimate, not only are we going to give you a great customer experience, we are also going to leave something behind for you. There’s nothing more important to us than the safety of you and your family. So when we come out to give you that free estimate, we’re going to leave you behind this carbon monoxide detector. It’s a portable unit you can put it anywhere in your home to help keep your family safe. It’s just another way. Halo Power is bringing value and building trust.

Thank you for visiting Halo Power and trusting us with your electrical project.

The Halo Power Culture – It’s All About Our People

1. We Hire for Attitude and Train for Skill

We believe that character counts more than credentials.  We don’t waste our energy attempting to re-shape bad attitudes and un-train a poor work ethic.  We are revitalising our industry with new ideas and methods that challenge that status quo.  Our team members are excited, appreciative and proud of our culture.  We empower and encourage our people to:

  • Be curious: we seek out new experiences, knowledge, and give candid feedback that promotes learning and change
  • Offer insight: we gather and make sense of information and experiences that suggest new possibilities and growth
  • Engage each other: we have a knack for using logic and emotion to communicate our vision and connect with people
  • Show determination: we don’t run away from difficult goals despite challenges and we bounce back from adversity

2. We Keep A Positive and Successful Work Environment

We believe that when a team member feels cared for, appreciated, valued, acknowledged, and respected, they give their full effort and commitment in return. We create a work environment that gives our team the opportunity to achieve their goals and experience the value of their professional lives.

  • We believe that open communication is key and we share our information and knowledge
  • We share our thoughts, successes and mistakes.
  • We listen more than we speak and ask for each others suggestions, insight and opinions.
  • We give honest feedback and encourage each other to come out with new ideas.
  • We show admiration give recognition to our team members for great performance and delivering an outstanding customer experience
  • We promote from within and give our team members more responsibility and authority to grow personally and professionally.

3. We Care About Each Other

We are all in this together and we have a sincere interest in the safety and well being of our fellow team members.  We take the time to know each other – how each team member work best and learn best; and what inspires them.  We look out for each other to ensure everyone gets home safely.  This genuine caring and support results in positive attitudes and behaviors, and our people have a greater desire to give back to our organization. Likewise, when our team members know their leadership team as individuals, it promotes greater employee engagement and open, honest conversation.  Caring about each other – our safety at work, our well-being and what’s happening in each others’ lives, creates trust and teamwork.

4. We Focus on What’s Going Right

We are building a culture that thrives on behaviors that exhibit our desired culture. It’s easy to focus what’s going wrong, which tends to create more of the same.  We believe in the Law of Attraction – we attract what we focus on.  Instead of placing attention on what’s wrong, we focus on what’s right. We learn from our mistakes and get better every time.  We believe that what is celebrated in a company will flourish. We know that this simple shift in mindset will build a great culture.

5. We Lead by Example

When we lead by example, we create a picture of what’s possible. Our people can look at us and say, “Well, if he can do it, I can do it.” When we lead by example, we make it easy for others to follow us.  We will lead the charge while doing our share to carry the weight.  Leading by example is the fastest way to train a team. When we hold ourselves to a high standard, our team will look to gain our approval by doing the same. They will rise to our expectations of excellence, integrity, and respect when we give them the same. And when our team is composed of excellence, we are sure to see success.

6. We Never Forget our Purpose

Halo Power Solutions “Brings Value and Builds Trust”.  We promote this to our clients every day. This is why we exist. The truth is that our team members are our customers too.  We realize and embrace that our people are the audience for our strategy. They are the people, if treated right and armed correctly, who will authentically translate our message, our vision, and our brand to our paying customers.  The customer experience will never exceed the employee experience; our people are truly our most important customers.

We bring value and build trust by:

  • Doing what is best and meets the objectives for our customers and our people
  • Treat our clients and our people with the utmost respect and courtesy
  • To always “do what we do well” and to never take on things we will do poorly
  • Encourage employee engagement, ideas and feedback. We want our people grow and develop both personally and professionally and promote from within.
  • Giving back to our community
  • Always give our clients and our employees an amazing customer experience. Remember our employees are our customers too!
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