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Upon switching insurance companies, we were required to have an electrical inspection done on our house because of aluminium wiring. We knew of the issue, as our prior contractor and city inspector both mentioned, but said not to worry about it at all. Kevin and his team came in and did a thorough inspection that uncovered at least two serious fire hazards.
They arrived on time, quickly solved the issue, and even checked other items to ensure that our home was safe. I highly recommend Halo Power, as they truly do bring value and build trust. Thanks, Kevin!
Matthew Hammond

Besides lightning, what causes power surges?

Surge protection 101: hundreds of power surges can hit your electrical systems each and every day. These surges can come from fluctuations and spikes in the utility power grid to large motor, manufacturing or welding equipment. In fact, most originate from right inside your own home or business.

In your home

  • Fluctuations in utility power
  • Power cycling of refrigerators and freezers
  • Furnaces and A/C units
  • Small appliances, hair dryers
  • Lights and devices turned on and off
  • Faulty wiring

At your place of business

  • Fluctuations in utility power
  • Large motor and machinery loads
  • Cycling HVAC systems
  • Manufacturing and welding equipment
  • Commercial appliances
  • Energizing transformers
  • Switching of large lighting loads

And the list goes on…

Halo Power Solutions: a Cleanvolt authorized dealer

Discover the Ultimate Protection

Cleanvolt is the only SPD device in the industry that can affect power quality by limiting surging events and the heating effect. Using Cleanvolt creates a more stable environment for our sensitive connected electronics, allowing them to reach their intended lifecycle.

Before Cleanvolt: electrical spikes and surges enter your electrical system from the grid. Connected devices within your electrical system are subject to these damaging occurrences.

After Cleanvolt: Cleanvolt smooths out these irregularities from the grid and stops surges from reaching your devices while catching internally generated interference.

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