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Lighting Maintenance & upgrades

Many homeowners don’t think much about the lighting in their homes. In most cases, the closest you’ve come to change the lighting is upgrading to LED bulbs. However, there is a lot more to lighting than just the bulb. Let’s check out some lighting options on the market that are worth considering.

Types of Lighting

ceiling light fixtures

Ceiling lights can be very useful to provide ambient light in lower-ceilinged rooms and come in flush and semi-flush varieties. Flush mount ceiling lights attach directly to the ceiling and are “flush” against it. Semi-flush ceiling lights hang from the ceiling leaving a small gap between the ceiling and fixture but still stay closer to it than a pendant or chandelier. Flush mount fixtures and semi-flush fixtures are popular for general lighting in various areas of your home including living and dining room, bedrooms, and hallways. Ceiling light fixtures typically use standard LED bulbs or may have an integral LED strip.

Pendant Light Fixtures

Many homes are fitted with pendant light fixtures. Pendant lights are effective and creates a pool of light in one spot. A pendant is a hanging fixture with a single, central luminous element. In general, pendants tend to be smaller and less formal than chandeliers, and multiple pendants are often hung side by side. As well as being decorative, many pendants can also provide task lighting. For that reason, they’re a favorite for over kitchen islands.  To achieve adequate lighting with pendants it is common to install multiple pendant lights across a room.

LED Recessed Lighting

Often referred to as pot lights, LED recessed lighting is lighting built into the ceiling that either does not protrude or barely protrudes from the surface of the ceiling. LED recessed fixtures are typically round and come in a variety of sizes, the most popular being 4” and 6” size.  Recessed lighting is popular for kitchens, dining rooms, rec rooms and bedrooms and blends comfortably with most interior designs without drawing the eye up or occupying floor, table, or wall space. LED recessed lighting offers a wide range of lighting effects by utilizing different color temperatures, beam angles and spreads.

Track Lighting

Track lighting uses an energized track with attachable lighting heads. Track boasts a flexible approach to accent and display lighting since you have the ability to place lighting heads wherever you choose. Better yet, you can relocate, re-aim, or replace the fixtures on the track at any time.


A chandelier is a hanging fixture that has several luminous elements. They are often used as a focal point in foyers and dining rooms and help establish a room’s tone and style. Since they are often decorative, chandeliers are most effective when paired with other fixtures to ensure sufficient room lighting.


A sconce is a wall-mounted light fixture. They can be used in nearly any space, but are often found in hallways, living rooms, dining rooms, and bathrooms. In bathrooms, sconces can provide excellent task lighting when mount over or on either side of a mirror.

when should i upgrade the lighting in my home?


If you’re trying to update your home and give it a fresher, more modern, look you’ll want to repaint all the walls, change the floors, and fix any small faults. This is the perfect time to look at lighting. Recessed lighting is a popular option as it’s bright but also almost invisible and very modern-looking. It’s the perfect choice for many spaces in the home but you will need lots of holes drilled into the ceiling and additional wiring to connect all the lights together and to your switch. It should be noted that recessed lighting is best with LED bulbs. These are energy-efficient and will offer a better light level in the room.

highlighting spaces

Another top reason to review and upgrade your lighting is when you realize it isn’t sufficient in specific spaces. For example. A single light in a hallway does nothing to illuminate the walkway, creating dark areas which will increase the risk of trips and accidents. By changing the lighting, you can illuminate the path better. Equally, this effect can be applied to a room where you need plenty of light over a desk or another specific section of the room.

energy saving

You can save money on your energy bills by replacing the light bulbs. LEDs are much more efficient than older, more traditional styles of bulbs. In most cases, the bulb can simply be switched. But, again, this represents a good opportunity to look at the current light fitting and replace it with one that is more appropriate to the space, there are hundreds of possibilities to choose from.

better light

Unfortunately, as you age most people will find their vision is not as good as it once was. Once you realize that your vision is changing you should review the lighting in your home. This is a perfect opportunity to ensure it meets your needs and illuminates every part of your home. Doing this will decrease the likelihood of falls in a home, which helps to ensure older people maintain their independence and quality of life.

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