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Inspections and Permits

Inspections and Permits

Halo Power Solutions has a quality team with the knowledge and experience to provide in-depth residential electrical inspections while managing the permit process on your behalf.

Inspections and Permits


Our certified technicians will ensure all wiring is safe and up-to-code and will document all findings. Quality is our standard, safety is our culture. Our priority is to ensure you are aware of any improvements that can, and should, be made. Our services include:

  • Panel and wiring inspections
  • Code violation and deficiency solutions
  • Surge protection
  • Testing and troubleshooting

The electrical system in your home is complex and should only be serviced by a professional electrician. More than often though we find electrical wiring that has been poorly installed and downright dangerous.  This is due to work being completed by DIY homeowners, the neighborhood handyman or renovation contractors moonlighting as electricians. The result can be electrical wiring that is unsafe and would never pass an electrical inspection.  Sometimes the electrical issues and poor workmanship is obvious and easy to detect.  Unfortunately, all sorts of electrical DIY nightmares are hidden behind walls and ceilings, and the result can be issues with your lighting, receptacles, and appliances.  We see this often with unpermitted basement developments, kitchen renovations, sub panel installations and other electrical installations that looked easy.

Have an electrical panel in your home or business that isn’t labelled properly or missing the panel directory altogether?  No problem, we have the equipment and know-how to quicky identify those mystery circuits and complete your electrical panel directory.


Most electrical projects require electrical permits. Halo Power Solution’s Master Electricians will look after the permitting process, as well as coordinate with EPCOR and Fortis for your project.

  • Residential permits
  • Commercial permits

If you are planning a home renovation or new development in your business, you will need to have your permits in place.  In addition to and electrical permit, you may require building and development permits. 

Common projects which require an electrical permit:

  • Basement developments
  • Secondary Suite developments
  • Garage wiring
  • Home renovations
  • Kitchen renovations
  • Electrical panels and sub panels
  • Hot tub installation
  • Air conditioner wiring
  • EV chargers
  • Aluminum wiring remediation and pig tailing
  • New circuits for appliances
  • Trenching for underground wiring

When you hire an electrician to perform any of these electrical projects, make sure that they can obtain all the necessary electrical permits for your project.  If your electrician is asking you to pull a homeowner permit for your project, it’s likely because they are not a Master Electrician who can pull their own permits.  Don’t do it.  Hire a professional electrical contractor with a Master Electrician that obtains all the permits required for the work they are performing.

Remove the Guesswork

Why guess your way through the demolition or rebuild process when you can rely on the experts at Halo Power to provide in-depth inspections (resulting in fewer non-compliant results) while managing the permit process for your home or business.

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