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Bright future ahead!

Forget expensive to run traditional light bulbs, the future is all about LED!   Time to wave goodbye to outdated, inefficient, high maintenance lighting systems and say hello to a bright future of energy savings and lighting innovations that will change your life.

5 reasons why today’s LED lighting systems are the smartest, most energy saving illumination solution for your home, office, commercial building or industrial facility.

1. LED lights shine bright for much longer 

LEDs have an exceptional lifespan, designed to last for years, with a rated life of up to 100,000 hours.  They turn on and off instantly and shine bright in cold temperatures as low as -40 degrees C.  Office buildings, schools, institutions and industrial facilities will save thousands every year in maintenance not having to change bulbs.

 2. LED lights are energy efficient and cost effective

Compare LED to traditional lighting when it comes to energy consumption and you’ll be amazed. LED bulbs are designed to use energy to produce more light rather than wasteful heat; up to 90% of electrical energy is converted to light, while only 10% is in heat. Compare that to traditional inefficient light bulbs which can waste up 80% of their energy in heat.  Imagine reducing your electricity bill and seeing a return on your investment in just a few years.

 3. You’ll be doing yourself and the environment a favor with LED lights

Traditional CFL bulbs and fluorescent tubes give off UV light and contain mercury – a health risk to you and toxic to the environment.  That’s why these bulbs are considered a hazardous material and must be disposed of properly.  LED lights help you take a greener step toward the future, not just because they use less energy, but because they are free of toxic chemicals and are 100% recyclable, helping you stay healthy and reducing your carbon footprint.

 4. LED lights add functionality, productivity and creativity to any space

LED lights are just getting better and better, available in cool white and warm white varieties. LED lights deliver a great color consistency, rendering and brightness. Your working environment can have a profound effect on the way you carry out your daily tasks. Top performance calls for optimal lighting conditions.  And LED lights help you achieve fantastic lighting effects, with a dynamic control of light, color and distribution.  Offices, schools, shops, hotels, hospitals, clubs, bars…you name it…they are all switching to LED!

 5. LED lights are durable

Need lighting for an outdoor environment?  LED is your best choice! Built to withstand tough conditions like harsh weather, extreme cold, external impacts, vibration and more.  Outdoor lighting is crucial in any environment for ensuring your safety and security.

Trust Halo Power to brighten your future with an LED lighting solution designed for you!

Residential LED lighting

• Recessed and pot lights

• Ceiling fixtures, fans and chandeliers

• Wall sconces

• Garages and workshops

• Attics and crawl spaces

• Outdoor wall and area lighting

• Motion and security lighting

• Landscape lighting

• Dimmers and wireless control systems

Commercial & institutional LED lighting

• LED panels for T-bar ceilings

• Fluorescent light retrofits and upgrades

• Surface mount and suspended fixtures

• Recessed and pot lights

• Cove, accent and wall washing

• Low bay and high bay shop, warehouse and arena

• Parking garage and canopy

• Exit and emergency lighting

• Outdoor wall, pole and area lighting

• photocells

• Landscape lighting

• Dimming, occupancy and wireless control systems

Industrial LED lighting

• Low bay and high bay lighting

• Area flood lighting

• Pendant and stanchion lighting

• Garage and canopy lighting

• Hazardous Locations

• Photocells and control systems


  • Stylish surface mount 4ft LED wrap fixtures
  • Outstanding light quality
  • Each fixture delivers over 5000 lumens yet uses less energy than one 60w incandescent bulb
  • excellent  cold weather performance
  • ideal for garages, shops, commercial storage and warehouses, institutions
  • 5 year warranty


  • Ultra-thin high quality LED Panels
  • Outstanding light quality
  • No maintenance or lamp changes
  • Instant savings with 50% less energy consumption than typical T-8 fluorescent
  • Sizes available to fit all t-bar ceilings
  • 10 year warranty


  • Improve safety and security with high quality outdoor flood lighting
  • Ideal for parking lots, loading areas, construction sites, sport fields and ice rinks
  • 100,000 hour lamp life eliminates expensive maintenance costs
  • 10 year warranty


  • Outstanding light quality
  • Instant savings with up to 50% less energy consumption than HID lighting
  • 100,000 hour lamp life eliminates expensive maintenance costs
  • 10 year warranty

Energy efficient lighting generally is considered the easiest, most profitable investment compared to other energy saving building systems.  Lighting upgrades in commercial and institutional facilities generate an average project payback period of a little more than two years, with a 45 percent return on investment, according to the Energy Cost Savings Council.