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Electric Vehicle Charging

One of the many considerations for EV owners is whether to rely on a public electric vehicle charging station for your main charging needs or to invest in the convenience of having an EV charger installed in their home. There are many benefits of installing an electric vehicle charging station in your home

Although more public electric vehicle charging stations are being installed in Sherwood Park and Edmonton, having an EV charging station at your home is ideal for EV owners. The convenience of a home EV charger means that you can charge your EV overnight so its ready to go the next day. Whether it’s your daily commute to work, taking the kids to school or any other destination, you can rest assured you’ll be recharged and ready.

Level 1 or Level 2 charger – what type of EV charger is best for me?

When installing an EV charging station in your home, you need to consider how quickly you will need to charge your EV.  This depends on how you will use the car and if a level 1 or level 2 charger will match your lifestyle. Let’s say you work from home and don’t need to drive your EV every day, a level 1 charger is likely the good choice or you. These chargers cost the least and plug into a standard 120V receptacle. The downside is that they take the longest to charge. A full charge with a Level 1 charged for an empty battery will take anywhere between 8-16 hours or more.

Now if you plan to drive your EV daily for work or other activities, a level 2 charger will be the best option for you. You can charge your vehicle in 4-6 hours with a level 2 charger. These chargers operate on 240V and will need to be installed by a licensed electrical contractor. There are many intricacies when it comes to EV charger installation. An improperly installed Level 2 EV charger may be inefficient at best, or dangerous at worst. Level 2 chargers are more costly; however, you can rest assured knowing that when you come home at night and charge your EV, your battery will be fully charged.

A load calculation and electrical permit will be required prior to having you EV charging station installed. You may need to upgrade your electrical service to support the additional load of your EV charger or install an additional energy management system.

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