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Home Backup Generators

Get the peace of mind you want and need with a home backup generator.

Are you prepared when the power goes out?  Power outages are occurring more frequently even in metropolitan areas due to severe weather and increased strain on our utility infrastructure.

Imagine your home without:

  • no heat in the winter
  • no sump pump to prevent flooding
  • no water or septic on your acreage
  • no lights
  • no power for your fridge and freezer
  • no power for medical devices
  • no internet or cell phone charging

The consequences can be devastating. Installing a home backup generator will ensure that you and your family have the power you need to be safe and comfortable while the power is out.

Whether you want a basic manual system for powering essential circuits or a fully automatic system to power your entire home, we have solutions to fit your need and budget.

backup generators

What is a Home Backup Generator?

A Home Backup Generator is a fuel powered back-up power supply that provides electricity to your home in the event of a utility outage. There are 2 types of generator systems you can use to power your home during a power outage:

Permanently installed home backup generators

Permanent home backup generators are wired into your electrical system and start up and transfer power automatically in the event of a power failure. Home standby generators need to be professionally installed and are housed outdoors next to your home. These generators require an automatic transfer switch (ATS) which is hooked up to your home’s main electrical panel and must be wired into the existing electrical system. When a power failure occurs, your home backup generator will receive a signal from the automatic transfer switch to start.  Once the generator has successfully started and is running, the ATS will automatically transfer power to your electrical system and power will be restored to your home.  When the utility power comes back on, the ATS will transfer your home back to utility power and the generator will automatically shut down. A home backup generator must be wired by a licensed electrical contractor who is proficient in-home backup generator installations.

Home backup generators come in a range of sizes depending on your needs.  A smaller home backup generator system can be installed to power up just the essential circuits in your home using a sub panel with an auto transfer switch while a larger whole home system can be installed to power your entire electrical panel during a power outage.  A home backup generator typically is fuelled by natural gas and is plumbed directly to your natural gas meter on your home.  A professional gasfitter is needed to complete the gas line installation and permits, and inspections are required.

Backup Generators

Advantages of a permanently installed Home Backup Generator


Reliable — A home backup generator offers a reliable and constant supply of electricity should your area be prone to power outages. It provides peace of mind knowing that even if the power goes out, you can continue to live life normally while keeping your family and your home safe. If necessary, a home backup generator can run 24/7, 7 days a week, so you can rest assured your home is always powered. This can be especially crucial if you lose power during a storm — a generator can keep your sump pumps working, helping prevent your basement from flooding.


Convenient to use — A home backup generator generators will automatically start and supply electricity in under a minute when utility power goes out. It will also switch itself off once power returns and go back into standby mode, ready for the next outage. 


It works when you’re not at home — You can go to work knowing everything will be taken care of at home. Your food will stay chilled, and your lights will be on when you return. Your security systems will keep running if there’s a power outage while you’re on vacation as well.


Adds value to your home — Investing in a home backup generator will add value to your home once it’s installed.

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Portable Generators

Connecting your home to a portable generator is an option if you’re looking for limited power during an occasional power outage. This is the same style of generator many homeowners use for powering their RV. Portable generators are smaller, cheaper and, as the name suggests, portable compared to larger and permanently installed home generators. These don’t supply as much power, but some can still be connected to your home’s electrical system from outside as an alternative solution. A portable generator does not offer as much convenience because you have to manually hook them up when you need them, and they’re known to be noisy too. These generators typically run on gasoline while some models can be connected to natural gas or propane.  There are some inconveniences to connecting your home to a portable generator. These generators will not start automatically, and you will need to monitor your fuel level and refuel your generator as required.  Another important consideration is that portable generators can’t power your whole home however it will power the essentials like your furnace, fridge, freezer, and sump pump.

A manual transfer switch system is required to connect your portable generator to your home safely.  Installing this manual transfer switch requires an electrical permit and inspection and must be installed by a licensed electrical contractor who is proficient with manual transfer switch installations. 

Call Halo Power Solutions today to learn more about connecting a portable generator to your home. Quotes are always free.

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