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The more you know about our Halo Power electricians and the full range of residential electrical services we offer, the more confident you will be when you make the call for a qualified electrician in Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, and the greater Edmonton area.

What is #askhalopower?

Our #askhalopower video page is your one stop source has all kinds of educational and entertaining video content to keep you informed and up to date with what’s happening in our business and in our electrical industry.  You will find our videos here on our website, on our YouTube channel and on our social media pages.

Why did you start making these videos?

Our videos are a great way to connect with our customers, and we love making them.  Our customers tell us that they called us for electrical services because they watched one of our videos online.  We are not professional producers, but we home you find our video informative and entertaining.

So what kind of video content is on here?

We have great videos that show you who we are and what we do.  Find out what matters most to our customers and our people when you watch our “why halo power” video.  Want to learn why it’s time to replace your old electrical panel? Tune into our video where we test an old Federal Pacific electrical panel.  Love LED lighting? Check out our Govee LED lighting video supporting the Kids with Cancer Society of AB.

Who are these amazing actors?

Well believe it or not, these talented actors are actually our very own Halo Power electricians and team members. Seriously though, we know we are not going to win any academy awards, but we have lots of fun making them and we hope you enjoy watching.

Our upcoming videos to watch for:

  • Why you need an electrical permit?
  • What you need to know before buying a hot tub
  • Can I wire my own basement?
  • Do I need a service upgrade?
  • The best electrical upgrades to keep your home safe.
  • Should I buy a house with aluminum wiring.

And so much more… Stay tuned!

Your trusted Residential Electricians proudly servicing Sherwood Park,

Fort Saskatchewan and Edmonton.

Bringing Value. Building Trust.

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