Hi there. I’m Kevin Staigh. I’m the owner of Halo Power Solutions. I’m a master electrician and I’m so happy to have you visiting our website.

We’re proud to offer the very best in residential and commercial electrical services in Sherwood Park, Strathcona County and the Greater Edmonton area.

Our number one focus is delivering you the very best in our electrical services and the most memorable customer experience. So you will recommend us to your friends, family and colleagues.

We are so proud to be the go to electrical contractor in Sherwood Park, Strathcona County and the Edmonton area. And you know, we’re doing things different here. Our whole focus is creating a amazing customer experience for you. The electrical work, well, I mean that’s something you should expect to be done correctly the first time. But what about the experience you get when Halo Power comes into your home?

So what is it that sets us apart from the competition? I mean, there’s dozens of electrical contractors in Sherwood Park, hundreds of them throughout the Edmonton area. Why would you want to choose Halo Power Solutions? Well, let me tell you why. First of all, I believe that even though we’re in the electrical contracting business, our main focus is an amazing memorable customer experience. The electrical work, well quality electrical work is what you should expect. That’s what you should be getting from any electrician that’s coming into your home and do homework for it. But what are you really going to remember us for? If we come into your home and make a mess, yo will remember us for that. If we scratch your new hardwood floors, you will definitely remember us for that. And if we teach your kids how to swear, not only will you remember us, you’re never going to have us back in there again. These are the stories I hear so often from new clients about the experience they’ve had with other contractors. So I guarantee you you’re gonna find that Halo Power is a company that does things differently.

So Halo Power Solutions is located right here in Sherwood Park, and that’s where I live. My kids go to school here and honestly we love calling Sherwood Park home. And the customer base that we have built in Sherwood Park is amazing, absolutely love the support. Love the people that have chose to shop local and support local small business. It’s so important. And I thank you for that. We do work in the Edmonton area and surrounding areas as well and have a fantastic customer base there as well. Always happy travel outside of Sherwood Park to go look after the great customers that surround us.

So we built a solid reputation of taking on those tough renovation jobs that the other guys were running away from. We really specialize in the renovation work, the service upgrades, panel upgrades, the tenant improvements on the commercial spaces. Absolutely love those. So these are the jobs that we thrive on. If you’re doing a renovation on your home, you’re doing a development in your basement. If you’re building a garage, these are great projects for us. There’s something about getting into a home, being able to walk into an older home and say, yeah, we know what we’re up against here. And I think that’s where a lot of contractors can fall on their face where they they’re not experienced in doing the reno work. It’s so much different than new home builds. So that’s what we’re great at and we’re gonna continue with that.

We’ve done some really great developments for businesses moving into existing commercial space to help them establish their vision, their dream of what they want their business to look like. And it’s so rewarding to start with maybe an empty shell of a commercial space or one that’s not what they not what the customer needs and help them transform that into a place they can call their own. And we absolutely love those projects. So definitely if you’ve got a space that you are considering taking on for your new business or moving your business to another location, Halo Power is the is the contractor for you to look after the electrical, the lighting for this space and help you get that uh,that place of business, the business place of your dreams.

So when you call Halo Power Solutions for an estimate on your next project, we’re going to come out and see you, there is no charge for us to come on do the estimate. We’re happy to do it. And we’ll we’ll chat with you about what your project looks like what your vision is and what you would like to achieve and talk about your budget. Cause that’s important as well. There’s been times we’ve had to go to a customer’s home one or two, maybe three times before we get it established as to what their project entails. And that’s okay. We’re happy to do it. You know, winning that customer over during the quoting or estimating stage of the job really builds that trust. We bring value to you before you’ve even spent a dollar. And that’s important and that’s what I love about this business.

I love it when our customers have a lot of questions cause I think that’s important. You as a client, you need to know what’s going on. Nothing worse than having work done in your home or in your place of business and you’re not really sure if what the construction guys are doing is actually what they should be doing. So before we even start your project, we’re going to go through it with you and explain in detail what it is we’re going to do and make sure that you understand that you’re comfortable with the process because that’s very important to us is that you’re comfortable and confident that we’re gonna do the job correctly for you.

So when we come out to see you for your free estimate, Not only are we going to give you a great customer experience, we are also going to leave something behind for you. You know, There’s nothing more important to us than the safety of you and your family. So when we come out for that estimate, we’re going to leave you behind this carbon monoxide detector. It’s a portable unit. You can put it anywhere in your home to help keep your family safe. It’s just another way. Halo Power is bringing value and building trust,

Halo Power Solutions, bringing value, building trust. Check out our website at halopower.ca [inaudible].